11 Things That COVID -19 Will Change For Future Of Work

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2 min readMar 31, 2020

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The world is definitely going to change its age-old ways post COVID. Here’s what is going to happen:

  1. Working from home will become an accepted norm as organisations develop an ability to measure and appreciate increased productivity at lower costs.
  2. With this new-found acceptance of working from home, there will be a rise of women participation in our workforce.
  3. Companies will have to innovate around virtual engagement and impact on employee morale due to lack of social interaction. Not everyone will realize these benefits equally or as quickly.
  4. There will be new rules for leading teams remotely: seamless digital platforms that track quantified outcomes, multi-channel team communications, and add more effort to ensure transparency.
  5. Companies will realize that employee success and engagement is equally, if not more important than customer success.
  6. There will be an increased reliance on use of gamification, emerging technologies such as AI and Virtual Reality for skilling of employees. Many conferences/seminars will take place virtually.
  7. Companies will be able to capitalize more on specialized & unique skill sets. We will witness a rise in people upping the efforts to upskill themselves and then provide skill based support in an uberized manner.
  8. Freelancer engagements in the higher skill segments like technology, marketing and strategy will increase as companies will scale down permanent hiring.
  9. Jio was the first catalyst for the growth of e-commerce, and COVID will be the second. People will have a newer appreciation for staying indoors and ordering online for all categories.
  10. As delivery businesses will boom, more distributed blue-collar gig workers will be hired. Companies and the government will have no choice but to formalize and offer benefits to such workers as they become increasingly critical.
  11. Our healthcare systems will become more agile, with the adoption of telemedicine and self-testing kits proliferating.

We will all come out stronger … this forced shift to new age of work will change us forever, for good!



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