5 Startups Creating an Impact by Addressing Unique Issues

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3 min readOct 6, 2021


In a developing country like India, fostering human solidarity and finding ways to tackle the modern world’s problems is becoming more important than ever. In all this, startups have a key role to play, as entrepreneurs are developing top-notch and unique solutions that heavily contribute towards the welfare of India and create a magnified impact.

- Serving the underserved

Jai Kisan:

Jai Kisan is a finance platform that serves rural emerging markets with long-term funding. It leverages technology and long-standing value chain networks to facilitate a suite of financial products for the un/underserved rural Indian.

Jai Kisan provides financing for income-generating activities in agriculture and allied industries, financing inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and crop protection products as well as associated equipment. It also provides an agriculture marketplace — Bharat Khata — for users to buy inputs, facilitates market linkages with buyers and farmers, and offers advisory services.

It’s truly delivering Impact Across India and has covered 9 states, 8000+ farmers and 450+ Channel Partners.

- Addressing the most pressing social issues

Genrobotic Innovations

GenRobotic Innovations is World’s First Robotic Scavenger (a replacement for human scavengers), specialized in the design and development of robotic solutions to address the most pressing social issues. Their best in class solutions combines the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in a seamless fashion.

There are 4 million scavengers in India, it is illegal and most of them don't live beyond the age of 31 - To tackle this issue, in 2015 the company was founded by a young group of passionate engineers who specialized in robotics and defence engineering. They have built a robot called Bandicoot, which can be operated by manual scavengers.

As a social enterprise, they have created successful social impact through the conception, designing and development of “Bandicoot” a semi-robotic device with a human-controlled interface to clean manholes.

Genrobotics designs primary goal is to use technology to alleviate social issues. Its clients include governments, municipal corporations, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, refineries, private bodies, and contractors.

- Increasing the accessibility of diagnostic services


Synapsica is a health-tech and teleradiology company that is infusing Radiology and Artificial Intelligence. It automates diagnostic radiology workflow and reporting using artificial intelligence. This Y-Combinator backed startup has AI products that seamlessly integrate into the radiology workflow.

Synapsica is creating AI-first PACS and radiology workflow solution that is fast, secure and automates reporting tasks, helping radiologists create high-quality reports quicker. Synapsica aims to enable radiologists with fast, easy to use AI technology that helps generate high quality, evidence-based reports to significantly improve patient care.

- Providing meaningful employment

Awign Enterprises

Awign is India’s #1 Work Platform, employing over a million people.

It is a work fulfilment platform that focuses on the gig economy and offers last-mile delivery while ensuring work completion in India.

Awign upskills people and provides the right tools, driving them towards work fulfilment.

As of today, the impact Awign has created has been truly transforming. It has a workforce of 800K+ people spread across 500+ cities that have assisted in the completion of 7 million tasks.

- Challenging long-held stereotypes and breaking taboos

Pee Safe

Founded in 2013, Pee Safe first introduced a Toilet Seat Sanitizer, followed by other products addressing feminine and personal hygiene.

The startup’s other offerings include eco-friendly sanitary napkins, organic cotton tampons, menstrual cups, panty liners, breast pads, natural intimate washes, wipes and sweat pads for both men and women, and anti-pollution dust masks.

Pee Safe aims to change the narrative around sexual wellness by launching sexual wellness products in the near future.

Pee Safe has demonstrated boldness in challenging long-held stereotypes and to that extent is making it fun and normal to talk about topics that may previously have been taboo.

These are just a few of the numerous instances that show how entrepreneurs with their unique sense of bringing a change can transform people’s lives and contribute towards a more inclusive and better society.

Whether it’s a platform to help the underserved or using AI-based solutions to make a shift, the list of startups that are contributing to our nation is endless.

These Startups are innovating to address critical social issues like helping the elderly, contributing to environmental sustainability, lowering obstacles for people who are underserved, breaking taboos and so on.



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